Our Group

SKAB Group of Companies, a closed Joint Stock Company is one of the largest private sector business groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since late 1970's with a variety of interconnected business enterprises. We  strive to expand our business with partners  who share our vision and commitment to expertise that has made SKAB one of the largest and most diversified groups operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We deploy right people, processes, skills and technologies to deliver tangible benefits. SKAB Group represents today’s realities and is structured to perform in today’s dynamic marketplace.

A leading private sector group in Saudi Arabia with business interests in:
  • Environment protection & Recycling
  • Power generation
  • Water treatment and desalination
  • Contracting
  • Real Estate development
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Travel and tourism
  • Hospitality industry
  • Shopping malls
  • Mineral Water
  • Food products

Board of Directors of SKAB Group
  • Ibrahim A. Musallam : Chairman
  • Sultan A. Musallam : Vice Chairman
  • Majid A. Musallam : Board Member
  • Faisal A. Musallam : Board Member
  • Hussein A. Musallam: Board Member
  • Mansour A. Musallam: Board Member
  • Fatima A. Musallam : Board Member
  • Dalal A. Musallam : Board Member

SKAB Management Executives
  • Faisal M. Alkordi : CEO
  • Khalid Abu Shiereh : GFC
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