Arabian Industrial Construction Ltd

 Arabian Industrial Construction Ltd. (ARINCON) was founded in 1979 as a Limited Liability Company with a capital of 25M Saudi Riyals. It engages in production and erection of pre-cast housing units according to international standards. This kind of construction technology is considered the best solution for building many housing units of the same specifications, quality and at a shorter time.
Arincon plant is located at Al-Malek Road in North Jeddah. It is a “flat Slab” facility designed for the production steel reinforced, load and non-load bearing precast panels, partition, façade, slab and fencing elements, as well as structural and frascia cladding for buildings. The company’s production experience has ranged from utility castings of standard grey cement to innovative textured coloured finishes. 

Arincon’s first project was the production and erection of precast building elements for 1067 housing units in Jeddah, now known as Saudia City. Other major projects completed include: Mohammadia City, located at North West King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, comprising 1032 multistorey housing units and apartments.

Arincon also participated in the King Abdulaziz University Women’s Medical Campus Project inEast Jeddah as well as numerous private villas and housing compounds for SKAB Group.
Throughout its history, Arincon has maintained a continuing program of review and implementation of new technological advances that enhances the standards of quality,consistency, and timeliness. It has never ceased in searching for innovations and improvements in design and product cost effectiveness. This program has led to the design and manufacture of custom made proprietary equipment to facilitate and expedite difficult erection situations and the institution of computer aided design and engineering of Arincon precast elements.

Whether the project requirement are for a simple fence wall or for a major structural elements, the Arincon design and engineering staff utilizes computerized design system from the beginning of architectural renditions to the  modelling of the steel reinforcement cages and selection of concrete mixtures. Attention to detail and the never ending quest for perfection have earned. Arincon its reputation as a world class precast concrete company.

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