Ayan Utility Vehicles

 Ayan Utility Vehicles brings transport solutions to industry and leisure markets. This is fully backed up with a service operation  second to none in the region.

Ayan Utility Vehicles provide: 
  • Industrial utility vehicles from the simplest task to parking jumbo jets
  • Hotel and resort service vehicles-from back of the house to guest shuttles
  • Refresher vehicles for resorts and parks
  • EASY DRIVE Velden Eagle Golf single seat, small and powerful
  • COLUMBIA- Full range of Industrial and Golf cars from Columbia. Exclusive 4 persons Golf Cars
  • Customized cars adding fun to your resort. Golf course or compound
  • Your Corporate or Resort Decals and colors
  • Taylor Dunn full range of parts available
  • Exterior sweepers - Maintain your property with a full range of sweepers
  • Landscaping - Full range of tools to maintain and improve your parks, gardens, resorts or clubs

Backed by an after sales service that is second to none in the region. Selections of special need vehicles for the old or infirm. Catering to the specialized transportation needs of the Industrial, Leisure, and Recreational market in Saudi Arabia. Ayan Utility Vehicles pioneers in offering the diverse specialized transportation requirements.

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