Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Projects


As a leading company in the environmental field SADACA Group for Operation & maintenance is awarded, by the Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs, a contract to recycle Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), in the different parts of the Kingdom, on investment basis for twenty years.

High Tech Ventures

Peace Shield Offset:
Sadaca O&M Group Company is an investor and shareholder in the Boeing Industrial Technology Group (BITG) which manages the Peace Shield Investment Offset Program. Implementation of this program, which is targeted on the transfer of new technologies to the Kingdom, offers significant opportunities for Saudi and Foreign Venture Partners to set up Hi-Tech industries in the Kingdom. The Boeing Industrial Technology Group is participating in the following two companies established through this program:

Al - Salam Aircraft Company:

This company maintains aircraft, and is based in Riyadh. The partnership includes:
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines.
  • National Industrialization Company.
  • Saudi Advanced Industries Company.
  • Gulf Investment Corporation.
  • Boeing Industrial Technology Group.

The new maintenance facilities are designed to cater for civilian and military aircraft. In the long run maintenance includes airframe modifications, composite material design and rotary blade technology.

Aircraft Accessories & Component Company:

The Investors in this venture include:
  • Arabian Aircraft Services Company (ARABASCO).
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA).
  • Saudi Advanced Industries Company (SABIC).
  • Boeing Industrial Technology Group.
  • British Aerospace Company.
This company will focus on the repair and overhaul of critical aircraft systems and hydraulics.
The company will be capable of handling anything from a 747 landing gear to the smallest
component on a helicopter flight control system.

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